Well-Woman Exams

The concept of a regular checkup to prevent disease and promote health is about 80 years old. What an individual woman actually needs is very much dependent on her lifestyle, age, medical history and family history.

One size does not fit all in the matter of regular checkups and the content of this type of visit is individualized, thus,the focus of this type of exam varies from one person to the next.

For more mature women it will include attention to common cardiovascular disorders, cancer prevention and screening and other issues as appropriate to the person.

For younger women the major threats to health are different but are also usually heavily related to lifestyle issues.

The good news is that the individual has a tremendous ability to have a positive impact on their own health. In particular the Annual PAP Smear is a “left-over” from the days when our understanding of cervical cancer was very incomplete. This test is no longer necessary for every woman every year.

Recommendations regarding this screening test are now highly individualized and will be discussed with each person.