How the Office Works

We try our darndest to stay on schedule and this is the single issue most frustrating to all of us. We have tried everything we can think of to make your visit as smooth and efficient as possible. But (frankly) the doctor’s office is not a train station and we are almost never exactly on schedule. From your perspective it is undesirable for us to be running behind and thus increase the amount of your waiting time, we understand this and try to avoid it.

The process of “taking care” of you starts well before you see the doctor. Medical and personal information needs to be updated. You will need to be interviewed by the medical assistant, vital signs taken and prepared for the exam before being seen by the doctor. All of these things take time.

The schedule will get backed up if there are patients with urgent problems who need to be “worked in” (that could be you someday) or if the person who has an appointment before you arrives late, or has more complicated problems than could be anticipated.

Many times a person will make an appointment for a” well woman exam” because something out of the ordinary (like a change in bleeding pattern or a new, nagging pain) has been present. The discovery of a ” problem” during a “checkup” leaves two options; either “come back later” or ” take care of it now”. I am generally a” take care of it now” type of doctor, otherwise attention to the problem will require an additional visit.

If we are aware that the day’s schedule has been disrupted by, for example, emergency surgery, we will attempt to contact you and give you an option to reschedule or come later than planned. (Thus, it is very important that you keep your contact information current/accurate.)

We would appreciate as much advance notice as possible if you will not be able to keep your appointment. We do contact you to confirm appointments and expect you to respond if you will not keep the appointment. If you fail to show up for an appointment it may be necessary to make a $25.00 deposit for a future appointment which will be waived if the appointment is kept.