Cancer Screening & Prevention

The 3 leading cancer killers for American women are lung cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer in that order. 80 years ago cervical cancer was the leading cancer killer for women in our country, in some places in the world this is still true today.

Cervical cancer screening with a PAP smear has been the focus of physicians caring for women for the last 60 years. There are many misconceptions about the PAP smear which is a specific part of a pelvic exam. The PAP test itself does not screen for other cancers such as uterine or ovarian cancer. Because our understanding of cervical cancer has improved tremendously the screening for this cancer can safely be individualized, many women do not actually need an annual PAP smear. ( Please read further on the PAP smear page.) Cervical cancer can now be prevented with a vaccine against HPV.

Lung cancer can be prevented by smoking cessation and prevention of any cancer is far preferable to treatment.

There are several strategies for smoking cessations with high success rates. For that reason smoking cessation is carefully discussed when appropriate. I am very willing try to help with this problem.

Screening colonoscopies are life saving and will also be discussed.

Referrals for mammography are provided and the possibility of breast cancer prevention can be discussed.