Dr. Deborah Lehmann – Board Certified UroGynecologist

Dear Patients–

The complexity of administering a private practice has become overwhelming and I have decided to close my office effective May 15 this year. I am not retiring but do not yet know if I will be practicing in this community.
At this time I am arranging for Dr. Mark Smith and Dr. Mylinh Vu to have access to our charts and you may call them for an appointment; they will be able to access your chart and continue taking care of you for your gynecologic needs.

In the Fort Worth area there are 3 other Board Certified Gynecologist / Urogynecologists. In alphabetical order they are: Dr. Michael England, Dr. Jeffery Hantes and Dr. Andy Manahan Vu. These urogynecologists or other gynecologists would not be able to access your records directly.  If you need a copy of your medical record you may obtain it by calling emailing your request to doctordkl@sbcglobal.net.

In your request please indicate if you would like your records to be sent to your primary care provider, if so please include their full name, phone number, and fax number.

If you would like to your records to mailed to you, include in the email your physical address and phone number.

All patients desiring to pick up their medical records, a later date will be announced when you can come and pick up your records.

I have enjoyed being your physician over these many years and appreciate your trust and loyalty. Thank you and best wishes for your future health.
Remember- exercise every day, eat right, wear your seat belt and don’t smoke!

Dr. Lehmann